About Our Firm

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In February 2017, Attorney Ben Gray retired from his law practice. He is referring all of his cases to Attorney Michael Schroth at Schroth Law LLC. The attorneys have shared office space and often collaborated on large cases. Attorney Schroth is experienced and dedicated to helping his clients.

If you are looking for legal assistance with your present, past, or future employment, you have come to the right place. R. Benton Gray & Company (“Gray”) is dedicated to serving people like you, and to finding solutions to your employment law issues. Its principal, Ben Gray, focuses his practice on negotiating and litigating on behalf of individuals over those issues. Gray:

  • Provides large-firm quality in a small-firm setting, at reasonable rates,
  • Offers over 25 years of experience in litigation and negotiation, and
  • Affords access to state and federal courts throughout Ohio and beyond.

R. Benton Gray & Company can help you to protect your livelihood, your rights, and your income. In addition to the issues featured on this site, clients have brought many other types of legal challenges for Gray to meet. Whether the issue is one of employment discrimination, retaliation, harassment, reasonable accommodation in the workplace, recall rights, discipline, libel, slander, assault, a non-compete or other restrictive employment covenant, or setting appropriate compensation, incentives, and other terms and conditions of employment, Gray can provide the legal help you need. When it comes to employment law, where your living is concerned, the judgment of experienced legal counsel is essential.

Please review the information on this site. To discuss the specifics of your situation, call Attorney Michael Schroth at 440-695-1138.