Getting Started


Before your initial meeting in our office, here is a brief list of things you can do to make your first visit (and the entire relationship) as productive as possible:

  1. Collect and bring the relevant documents. If you are in doubt about what these are, ask before the meeting. A time line of events and “cast of characters” (including potential witnesses) are always welcome and usually required. If possible, bring all of this to the first meeting.
  2. Keep your appointment. Being late, or not showing at all, shows a lack of commitment and may cost you money.
  3. Be prepared to dress for success. From the beginning on through, put your best foot forward. First impressions are important.
  4. Be realistic. The Firm offers legal services, not magic. The Firm can provide effective legal representation and champion your cause, but results are still a function of your legal rights, given the facts at hand.
  5. Be entirely open about your situation. Undisclosed problems with a client’s position always surface sooner or later. Such “surprises” don’t just waste our time – they almost always increase the client’s expense and/or cost the client in some other way. Your disclosures to legal counsel are protected by attorney-client privilege. Your counsel can only be effective with knowledge of the facts.
  6. Be financially prepared to begin an attorney-client relationship. Every fee agreement the firm makes includes a retainer payment, whether that represents an advance on hourly attorneys fees or an advance against the case expenses for which you, the client, will be responsible.

Doing these things will get the relationship off to a good start. We look forward to speaking with you soon. To arrange for an office meeting, call (440) 695-1138, and be prepared to provide the requested background information when you do. Thank you.